The Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Clínico San Carlos (FIBHCSC) shall be responsible for the management of the Institute’s research. The FIBHCSC Directorate will have management responsibility.


The FIBHCSC will carry out the management functions of the Institute, in particular:

  • Dissemination of public and private calls for research projects and other research-related activities.
  • Technical-administrative advice for the development of the projects.
  • Management of the complete processing of the submission of projects to public or private calls for proposals, as well as their monitoring, justification and closure.
  • Economic and financial management of all aspects related to the Institute.

To this end, the Directorate will be responsible for:

  • To draw up, develop and evaluate the management plans for research, training and research promotion, and the Institute’s annual management report.
  • To prepare budgets, financial statements, and other mandatory reports.
  • To manage, in agreement with the Scientific Director
  • The research infrastructures acquired by the Institute
  • To develop the recruitment policy for the Institute’s research and technical support staff established by the Governing Council.
  • To collaborate with the Scientific Director in the communication and dissemination of the Institute’s research activities.
  • To facilitate the raising external resources.
  • To propose to the Governing Council the measures necessary for the proper functioning of the Institute and to implement the decisions taken by the Governing Council and the Executive Committee.
  • To carry out the functions entrusted to it by the Governing Council and the Executive Committee.


FIBHCSC Technical Unit Staff

The Fundación Investigación para la investigación Biomédica of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, is registered in the Register of Foundations of the Community of Madrid, personal sheet 369, *1ª Volume LXVIII Pages 1-30. C.I.F.: G83727115.