Genetics and Molecular Basis of Complex Diseases Group

Strategic objectives

  • Promote national and international collaborations by joining networks and consortia.
  • To increase the visibility and impact of the group’s results.
  • To promote the research activity of new residents and students joining the group.
  • To promote the transfer of research results to the clinical setting, encouraging communication and bidirectional flow of information from both the research and care areas.

Lines of research

  • Aetiology of multiple sclerosis and coeliac disease.
  • Diagnosis of coeliac disease.
  • Research in multiple sclerosis therapies and health outcomes.
  • Pharmacogenetics of autoimmune diseases.
  • Environmental triggers of some autoimmune diseases of major socio-economic impact and their possible interaction with genetic factors.
  • Role of mitochondrial functionality in relation to different pathologies: COVID-19, multiple sclerosis, renal disease…

Other members of the group

  • Elda María Alba Suárez
  • Carla Besada López
  • María Corzo Martínez
  • Irene Isabel Gómez Delgado
  • Irene Gómez Estévez
  • Lorena García Vasco
  • Adela González Jiménez
  • Clara Gonzalez Gallego
  • Jorge Infante Menéndez
  • Celia Oreja Guevara
  • Johnny Adrián Quezada Sánchez
  • Andrea Raposo López-Pastor
  • Paula Salgado Cámara