Advanced Research In Personality Disorders, Aggressiveness and Impulse Control

Strategic objectives

  • To describe specific abnormalities in the functional brain response of impulsive personality disorders using brain and structural neuroimaging techniques.
  • To confirm evidence of prefrontal dysfunction in borderline personality disorder using neuropsychological and neuroimaging tests.
  • To demonstrate the existence of specific abnormalities in the functional brain response in impulsive eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia-bulimia).
  • To find evidence for the pathogenic role of various factors in the onset and development of personality, aggression, and impulse control disorders, including the following:
    • Severe childhood trauma (physical and sexual abuse)
    • Attention and neuropsychological deficits in childhood, neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • To find a basis for a psychobiological subtyping of borderline personality disorder that allows for a more effective clinical approach to this heterogeneous construct.

Lines of research

  • Study of biochemical indicators associated with impulsive personality disorder and impulse control disorders: corticoid receptors, cytokines, and cellular inflammatory factors.
  • Psychobiological subtyping study of borderline personality disorder by means of psychological and neuropsychological characterisation.
  • Study of factors associated with neurodevelopment in personality disorders: Childhood trauma, attention deficit, and affective family response. Brain imaging of emotional response in borderline personality disorder: MRI and magnetoencephalography.
  • Study of brain dysfunctions in eating disorders using functional neuroimaging in response to specific stimuli. Research into new pharmacological and psychological therapies for borderline personality disorder
  • Study of the efficacy of neurocognitive rehabilitation in borderline personality disorder.

Other members of the group

  • Patricia Díaz Carracedo
  • Pilar De La Higuera González
  • Irene De La Vega Rodriguez
  • Rafael Fernández García-Andrade
  • Verónica Fernández Rodrigues
  • Alejandra Gálvez Merlín
  • Patricia Gomez Merino
  • Sara González Vives
  • José Manuel López Villatoro
  • Pablo Mola Cárdenes
  • Ana Montes Montero
  • María Dolores Morón Nozaleda
  • Andrés Pemau Gurumeta
  • Miguel Yus Fuertes