Inflammation, Infection, Immunity and Allergy

Area Representative

Lydia Abásolo Alcazar Area Representative

Curriculum vitae

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The Inflammation, Infection, Immunity, and Allergy Area is a thematic area of the IdISSC with a multidisciplinary component that includes both groups from the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (HCSC) and from outside the hospital.


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Specialist in Rheumatology and attending physician at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (HCSC) (2001-2005). Río-Hortega Contract (2005-2008), training as a researcher in clinical epidemiology and health sciences. She has interspersed care and research work at the HCSC (2008-2011), Miguel Servet I-II research contract (2012-2019). She is currently a stabilised researcher. She belongs to the research group of the Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (IdISSC) IIIA.3 “Musculoskeletal Pathology”. She is currently research coordinator of the Rheumatology Clinical Management Unit of the HCSC (2017-) and Head of the Inflammation, Infection, Immunity, and Allergy area of the IdISSC (2019-).


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It brings together more than 100 researchers and carries a heavy healthcare load, despite which it has a large scientific output, much of which is clearly translational in nature. The groups involved in this area are national and international landmarks in their lines of research.

As a whole, it represents an area of great relevance for the IdISSC, encompassing many groups and sensitivities that, to a certain extent, interrelate with each other and share common projects and lines of research.

Enhancing collaboration between these groups, and others in the hospital, can lead to more rapid, actionable results in the population in the interest of better overall population health.

Her lines of research are mainly in the field of clinical epidemiology and are oriented towards health outcomes.  Currently, the study of quality of life in musculoskeletal diseases; the clinical course of diseases such as: rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathies, interstitial lung disease associated with autoimmune rheumatological diseases or COVID-19 stand out.

She has led and worked on a multitude of projects through national and international intramural and extramural collaborations.

More than 80 scientific articles published, (52 since 2014, Q1-Q2 ≥80%). She has belonged to the RIER research network and is currently a member of REI (RICORS), both of which are part of the ISCIII. She has carried out scientific training tasks for residents, medical students and is the supervisor of 4 doctoral theses. She is a reviewer for several scientific journals, evaluator of competitive research projects of the HCSC through the IdISSC research commission. She is a recent evaluator of AES projects through the ISCIII.