Strategic objectives

  • To improve the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of allergic patients
  • To improve education of allergic patients and collaborate with patient associations
  • To promote teaching in Allergology
  • To advise and collaborate with the health authorities (AESAN), and the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry.

Lines of research

  • Identification of clinical phenotypes in food, drug, and inhalant allergy
  • Improved diagnosis of food, drug, and inhalant allergy
  • Improved the treatment of food and drug allergy
  • Socio-economic impact of food and drug allergy

Other members of the group

  • Natalia Patricia Freundt Serpa
  • Maria Luisa González Gutiérrez
  • Alejandro Gonzalo Fernández
  • Nerea Marchan Pinedo
  • Guadalupe Marco Martín
  • Teresa Robledo Echarren
  • María Mar San Julián Esteban
  • Leticia Sanchez Morillas
  • Sonia Vázquez Cortés
  • Rosialzira Natasha Vera Berrios