Research in Contemporary Physiotherapy (InPhysio)

Strategic objectives

  • To contribute to the development of new knowledge on the assessment and treatment of physiotherapy in patients with musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and persistent Covid conditions.
  • To obtain sustainable financing channels for the development of R&D&I projects.
  • To establish synergies and lines of collaboration with other research groups attached to the IdISSC and/or with Units and Departments of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos.

Lines of research

  • Clinical, neurophysiological, and biomechanical effects of physiotherapy interventions in patients with musculoskeletal and neuropathic conditions.
  • Study of pain modulation and sensory-motor control in patients with pain and/or musculoskeletal and/or neurological pathology.
  • Validation and development of instruments and scales for sensory, functional, and psychological assessment in patients with pain and/or disability.
  • Effects of respiratory muscle training on quality of life and function in patients with respiratory, neurological, and/or musculoskeletal pathology.
  • Effects of physiotherapy interventions on the improvement of quality of life in patients with persistent Covid.

Other members of the group

  • Emma Cabezas Moreno
  • José Calvo Paniagua
  • Tamara Del Corral Nuñez-Flores
  • María José Diaz Arribas
  • Pablo García Fernández
  • Ibai López De Uralde Villanueva
  • Patricia Martin Casas
  • Marcos José Navarro Santana
  • José María Pérez Redondo
  • Juan Antonio Valera Calero