Epidemiology and Health

Strategic objectives

  • Population and health care epidemiology studies
  • Non-commercial experimental and medical device studies
  • Risk prevention in the healthcare environment, specifically: biological risk prevention and psychosocial risk prevention
  • Study on the epidemiology of sport and the use of illicit substances
  • Lines of research

Lines of research

  • Technology assessment
  • Population epidemiology studies
  • Mathematical modelling for epidemiological patterns
  • Non-commercial experimental studies
  • New vaccine against herpes zoster, in adults over 50 years of age, to evaluate the prophylactic efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity of the vaccine (Pharmaceutical Industry).
  • Prevention of psychosocial risk, with the application of mediation methodology to Public Health, assessing the impact on the quality of healthcare and coexistence in the hospital context (in collaboration with the Complutense University).
  • Exercise physiology
  • Doping
  • Sports Medicine
  • Diagnostics in Sport
  • Exercise prescription

Other members of the group

  • María Teresa Alonso Cobo
  • Ignacio Bardón Fernández-Pacheco
  • Ana Capapé Aguilar
  • María De Los Ángeles Díaz Sotero
  • Karina Davila Merizalde
  • Isabel Rita Gómez Parra
  • Mercedes Galindo Canales
  • Ana María Humanes Navarro
  • Ana María Humanes Navarro
  • Arantxa Lana Gómez
  • Julio Cesar Legido Arce
  • Mª Mercedes Lucas Barajas
  • Pilar Martín Escudero
  • María Carmen Mestre González
  • Francisco Miguel Tobal
  • Mª Paz Monleón Herrero
  • Silvia O´connor Pérez
  • Mateo Paz Cabezas
  • Beatriz Pelaez Ros
  • Rafael Sánchez Del Hoyo
  • Irene Serrano García
  • Agustín Turrero Nogués