Pathology of Urgent and Emergency Care

Strategic objectives

  • To develop lines of research on time-dependent pathologies, vulnerable populations, and the forensic medical field (Lines 1 and 2)
  • To understand the epidemiology of urgent and emergency care (UEC) medicine related processes (Line 1)
  • To incorporate new technologies in the field of UEC (Line 2 and Line 4)
  • To improve care and communication with patients and caregivers in the emergency department and its associated units (Line 3).
  • To train professionals in UEC medicine research lines and develop training programmes and courses on UEC medicine research lines (Line 3).
  • To develop tools aimed at management, safety, and quality in the field of urgent and emergency care medicine (Line 5).
  • To formalise strategic research alliances with hospital and out-of-hospital services and promote lines of research on the main emergency syndromes jointly with other hospital and out-of-hospital services (Line 6).
  • To enhance and disseminate research related to UEC medicine (Line 7)

Lines of research

  • Epidemiology of acute processes, vulnerable population at risk of adverse events, or high resource consumption and forensic medical aspects related to UEC medicine.
  • Research studies to develop and validate diagnostic tests, intervention strategies, and prognostic markers in time-dependent pathologies and vulnerable populations.
  • Research on improving care and communication with patients and their caregivers in the urgent and emergency care department and its implementation.
  • To promote and evaluate the application of new technologies to clinical healthcare practice in the field of UEC medicine.
  • Development of tools to assist in the evaluation of management, safety, and quality in the urgent and emergency care area.
  • Consensus documents on the main UEC syndromes.
  • Bibliometric analysis of UEC research and strategies for disseminating its results.

Other members of the group

  • Jaime Antonio Abelaira Freire
  • Jose Antonio Bustamante Mandrión
  • Francisco Javier Candel González
  • David Chaparro Pardo
  • Maria De Los Angeles Cuadrado Cenzual
  • José Luis Fernández Rueda
  • Cesáreo Fernández Alonso
  • Laura Galvan Herraez
  • Irene García España
  • Éric Jorge García Lamberechts
  • Miguel Angel Garcia Briñon
  • Juan Jorge González Armengol
  • Victor Hernandez Martin-Romo
  • José María Leal Pozuelo
  • Ana Maria Mañas Hernandez
  • Alejandra Ortega Duarte
  • María Dolores Ortega De Heredia
  • María Reinares Sánchez
  • Esther Rodríguez Adrada
  • Antonio Trino Salto Ariza
  • Pedro Villarroel González-Elipe