Neurotransmission and Neuromodulation

Strategic objectives

  • Raising of resources: To maintain current level of funding. To increase participation in networking projects, establishing more collaborations with other basic and clinical groups with an interest in the study of pathologies such as autism (Fragile X syndrome), epilepsy, or ischaemia.
  • Publications: To maintain the number of publications (20-25 publications/5 years) in the first quartile and improve the impact factor.
  • Thesis: Completion and presentation of nine-ten doctoral theses in the period 2012-2016.

Lines of research

  • Control of synaptic function (exocytosis, vesicular cycle, synaptic silencing) by metabotropic receptors. Study in an animal model of Fragile X syndrome.
  • Relationship between brain glutamate, plasma glutamate, and ischaemic damage. Imaging techniques to assess ischaemic damage.
  • Study of the plasticity of intrinsic excitability in the developing rat hippocampus.
  • Neuroprotection by phytoestrogens and nitrones.

Other members of the group