Haematology. Cell differentiation and gene expression

Strategic objectives

To characterise at the molecular level the pathology of myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN), especially essential thrombocythemia (ET) and primary myelofibrosis (PMF). Using a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to connect clinical and basic research and form a core of work that works in both directions to improve our knowledge of fundamental processes at the cellular level (megakaryopoiesis and thrombopoiesis) and their alterations in MPN patients that could be associated with thrombosis and haemorrhage in these patients. Thus, we will try to personalise the treatment according to the individual characteristics of the patients.

Lines of research

  • Transcriptional programme of megakaryopoiesis TET and PMF) in single cells (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Peter Vandenberghe, UZLeuven, Belgium, Dr. Alberto Alvarez Larrán, Cliníc Hospital, Barcelona and Dr. Juan Carlos Hernández Boluda, INCLIVA, Valencia).
  • Platelet proteome and functional alterations in TE platelets in collaboration with Dr. L. Gutiérrez (ISPA – University of Oviedo) and Dr. Jeroen Demmers (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands).
  • Metabolism and mitochondrial function in megakaryocyte differentiation in TE (in collaboration with Dr. F.J. Iborra, UAM, CNB, Madrid).
  • Platelet function and identification of biomarkers in coronary microcirculatory dysfunction (in collaboration with the Cardiology Department of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Dr. J. Escaned).


  • “Transcriptional networks of Megakaryocytic differentiation and functional characterization of platelets in Essential Thrombocythemia patients – Attraction of Talent, 2016-T1/BMD-1051 (Community of Madrid), 2017-2021
  • “Microcirculatory dysfunction in stable coronary artery disease: relationship with patient-focused outcomes, cerebral small vessel disease and depression” – PIE16/00043 (ISCIII, Spain), 2017-2020

Other members of the group