Socioeconomic Health Determinants

Strategic objectives

  • To participate in research projects and publish scientific papers in collaboration with national groups and groups from other European countries.
  • To obtain a repository of databases of national cross-sectional epidemiological studies carried out in Spain.
  • To carry out a retrospective longitudinal study, by means of a ten-year follow-up of each of the subjects of the 2001 Population Census to determine vital status and cause of death in the event of death.

Lines of research

  • Identification of risk factors that explain the relationship between the socio-economic position of subjects and the occurrence of health problems.
  • Identification of risk factors that explain the occurrence of health problems in various populations.
  • Assessment of the availability of services and infrastructures as a possible explanation of the relationship between the socio-economic context of the area of residence and the appearance of health problems.
  • Evaluation of health interventions aimed at reducing health problems in different socio-economic groups.

Other members of the group

  • Paloma Astasio Arbiza
  • María Elisa Calle Purón
  • Lucia Cea Soriano
  • Carolina Del Valle Giráldez García
  • David Martínez Hernández
  • Paloma Ortega Molina
  • Cruz Pascual Nobajas
  • Juana Maria Santos Sancho