Brain Mapping

Strategic objectives

  • Multimodal molecular imaging in the pre-clinical study of nervous system diseases.
  • Studies in murine models of brain metabolic activity with microPET imaging.
  • Evaluation of new PET radiotracers.
  • Study of language processing using EEG techniques.

Lines of research

  • Implication of glial reactivity in epileptogenesis using PETRM imaging techniques in murine models.
  • PET molecular imaging in experimental disease models
  • Interaction and multimodality of functional neuroimaging techniques: MRI and PET.
  • Interaction between language and emotion using EEG.

Other members of the group

  • Mirjam Brackhan
  • Ruben Fernández De La Rosa
  • Francisca Gómez Oliver
  • Luis García García
  • Nira Hernández Martín
  • Jose Antonio Hinojosa Poveda
  • Eva Mª Moreno Montes
  • Miguel Angel Pozo García
  • Karla Verónica Slowing Barillas