Women´s Health Research

Strategic objectives

  • Establishment of a national research group sponsored by the Gynaecological Oncology Section from the SEGO.
  • Creation of research subgroups in gynaecological tumours: breast, ovarian, endometrial, cervical, and vulvar.
  • Setting-up of obstetric data bases which include all the deliveries attended at the Women’s Institute for the purpose of population research.
  • Conducting studies in different aspects of Da Vinci robot-assisted surgery.
  • Establishing a strategy for the prevention of depression during gestation and puerperium.
  • Resilience study and quality of life in menopausal women.
  • Study of treatment value with vaginal laser in the genitourinary syndrome.
  • Search of strategies for rehabilitation from the consequences of breast cancer treatment.

Lines of research

  • Study of prognostic factors of breast, ovarian, endometrial, cervical, and vulvar cancer.
  • Study of the action of human papillomavirus in the lower genital tract.
  • Study of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against human papillomavirus.
  • Molecular analysis and translational research of gynaecological cancers.
  • Study of minimally invasive robotic surgery in the gynaecological processes focusing on genital tract tumours.
  • Study of premature delivery: morbidity, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Study of depression during pregnancy and puerperium.
  • Chromosomopathy screening analysis: triple screening and foetal DNA analysis in maternal blood.
  • Study of climacteric women from the physical and psychological point of view (resilience and depression), focused on the quality of life perceived.
  • Analysis of treatment value with vaginal laser in the genitourinary syndrome.
  • Rehabilitation value in mammary lymphedema.

Other members of the group

  • Arantzazu Albarracin Solaeche
  • Juan Eloy Asenjo De La Fuente
  • Mónica Bellón De Amo
  • Juana Maria Brenes Sanchez
  • Ignacio Cristobal García
  • Concepción Cuenca Gonzalez
  • Miriam De La Puente Yagüe
  • Francisco Javier García Santos
  • Lucia Garvin Ocampos
  • Miguel Ángel Herráiz Martínez
  • Maria Josefa Herrera De La Muela
  • Cristina Huerga López
  • Nuria Izquierdo Méndez
  • Alejandra Mayoral Triana
  • Luis Monleón Llorente
  • Mª Eugenia Olivares Crespo
  • Ana Belén Peinado Lozano
  • María Del Mar Ramirez Mena
  • Vanesa Rayo López
  • Raquel Rodriguez Rabanal
  • Miguel Ángel Rojo Tirado
  • Estefania Ruiperez Pacheco
  • Jorge Ruiz Rodriguez
  • Mª Jesús Sánchez Martín
  • Ricardo Savirón Cornudella
  • Rocio Vacas Mata