Cancer and Obesity

Strategic objectives

The following objectives are intended to be achieved by investigating three tumour types with a high incidence in our society: non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), colorectal cancer (CRC), and gastric cancer (GC).

  • To corroborate in, at least, 100 cases of NSCLC and 100 cases of CRC the usefulness of the genetic signature that relates senescence and telomere length, and that has been previously identified by our working group. To extend the study of this genetic signature to a population of at least 100 gastric cancers.
  • To analyse the prognostic implication of genes included in the gene signature of the first objective in NSCLC, CRC, and GC.
  • To analyse the expression levels of telomeric RNAs (TERRAS) in a subpopulation of the tumour types under consideration. To establish correlations with the telomerase activity of the samples and with telomere length.
  • To study epigenetic regulation mechanisms related to telomeric function, through the analysis of subtelomeric DNA hypermethylation.
  • Investigation of molecules involved in tumour invasion, through the analysis of Tumour Degradome in NSCLC, CRC, and GC.
  • To investigate expression levels of the MDGA1 and MDGA2 genes, both characterised by the research group, in the tumour types under study.
  • Analysis of the involvement of the MDGA2 protein in cell migration and adhesion processes.

Lines of research

  • Study of molecular prognostic factors in lung, colorectal, and gastric cancer.
  • Analysis of molecular mechanisms related to lung, colorectal, and gastric carcinogenesis.
  • Research on molecules involved in cell adhesion and invasion and their interest in cancer.
  • Obesity and Cancer

Other members of the group

  • Vanesa Catalan Garza
  • Luis Ignacio Díez Valladares
  • Carmen De Juan Chocano
  • Sofia Cristina De La Serna Esteban
  • Mª Inmaculada Domínguez Serrano
  • Jana Dziakova
  • Luis Miguel Estela Villa
  • Mariela Lizet Florez Gamarra
  • Ana María Gómez Martínez
  • José Luis Garcia Galocha
  • Alejandra Garcia Botella
  • Florentino Hernando Trancho
  • Mª Pilar Iniesta Serrano
  • Elka Jaimes León
  • José Ramón Jarabo Sarceda
  • Esther Martín García-Almenta
  • Jose Maria Mugüerza Husvet
  • Mónica Andrea Musteanu
  • Jaime Otero De Pablos
  • María Elia Pérez Aguirre
  • Pablo Picaporte Fuentes
  • Daniel Rivera Alonso
  • Mikel Rojo Abecia
  • Andrés Sánchez Pernaute
  • Patricia Saez Carlin
  • Cristina Sanchez Del Pueblo
  • Lidia Sotillo Valenzuela
  • Sofia Elena Tesolato
  • Juan Vicente Valor