Organ and Tissue on-a-chip and In-Vitro Detection

Strategic objectives

The main objective is the development of Tissue on-a-chip platforms with integrated In-Vitro diagnostic systems for Therapy evaluation and personalized medicine. Moreover, the continuous development of advanced In-Vitro diagnostic systems for multiple applications.

Lines of research

  • Biosensing, Chemical Sensing
  • Organ and tissue on a chip
  • Point-of-Care and Point-of-Need devices
  • In-vitro platforms for cellular screening
  • Innovation perspective and scouting

Other members of the group

  • Rafael Casquel Del Campo
  • Maria Garrido Arandia
  • Pedro Herreros Pérez
  • Maria Fé Lagurna Heras
  • Álvaro Lavín Hueros
  • Rocio Lopez Espinosa
  • Ana Lopez Hernandez
  • Ana María Martin Murillo
  • Sergio Andrés Quintero Moreno
  • Yolanda Ramirez Alonso
  • Beatriz Santamaria Fernandez
  • Jaime Tome Amat
  • Luca Tramarin