Nuclear Techniques and Instrumentation in Biomedicine

Strategic objectives

  • To find synergies with other clinical research groups to carry out multidisciplinary translational studies. 
  • To be a reference group at national and international level in molecular imaging and radiotherapy techniques. 
  • To connect the basic research carried out by our group with its potential clinical application.

Lines of research

  • Development of molecular imaging instrumentation for clinical and pre-clinical experimentation.


  • Development of new techniques to enhance the use of molecular imaging in the clinic. 
  • To conduct studies to enable the implementation of advanced molecular imaging techniques. 
  • Development of new techniques for quality control, planning, and monitoring in radiotherapy techniques.

Other members of the group

  • Sara De Scals Carmona
  • Andrea Espinosa Rodriguez
  • Luis Mario Fraile Prieto
  • Pablo Galve Lamoz
  • Paula Beatriz Ibañez Garcia
  • Joaquin Lopez Herraiz
  • Esther Loscertales Vacas
  • Mailyn Pérez Liva
  • Daniel Sanchez Parcerisa
  • Jose Manuel Udias Moinelo