Cardiovascular Imaging

Strategic objectives

  • Development and validation of new diagnostic imaging tools
  • Automatic study of cardiac output in non-invasive methods
  • Using imaging to study myocardial deformation
  • Use of imaging in new invasive cardiology procedures

Lines of research

  • Three-dimensional echocardiography in valve studies
  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
  • Heart CT scan
  • Early detection of cardiac anomalies by imaging techniques

Other members of the group

  • Jose Alberto De Agustin Loeches
  • Rodrígo Fernández Jiménez
  • José Juan Gómez De Diego
  • María Luaces Méndez
  • Patricia Mahia Casado
  • Pedro Marcos-Alberca Moreno
  • Luis Carlos Maroto Castellanos
  • Lourdes Montero Cruces
  • Carmen Olmos Blanco
  • Eduardo Pozo Osinalde