Translational Research in Acute Myocardial Syndromes (INTEGRA)

Strategic objectives

  • To advance the study of platelet reactivity and response to inhibitor drugs in new populations with ischaemic heart disease (i.e., coronary by-pass patients, patients with relapsing events).
  • To consolidate research on the pathophysiology and prevention of myocardial damage due to ischaemia/reperfusion by studying the factors involved in the variable tolerance of the myocardium to ischaemia/reperfusion according to circadian patterns.
  • To lead multicentre clinical trials in patients with acute myocardial infarction with the aim of reducing ischaemia/reperfusion injury.
  • To promote collaboration in other translational research projects with the CNIC.
  • To promote the development of joint projects with other hospital groups working along similar lines of research.
  • To foster the early incorporation of cardiology residents in research projects and encourage the completion of doctoral theses.

Lines of research

  • Platelet reactivity in patients with ischaemic heart disease
  • Pathophysiological basis for transient apical dyskinesia syndromes
  • Pathophysiological basis and prevention of ischaemia/reperfusion myocardial damage

Other members of the group

  • María Esther Bernardo García
  • Carlos Felipe Ferrera Duran
  • Javier Higueras Nafria
  • Molly Anna March
  • Silvia Mera González
  • Iván Javier Núñez Gil
  • Francisco Javier Noriega Sanz
  • Ana Viana Tejedor
  • Luis David Vivas Balcones