Myocardial regeneration therapy and structural pathology

Strategic objectives

  • The main objective is to study the safety, feasibility and efficacy of cell therapy in cardiovascular diseases, specifically in advanced chronic ischaemic heart disease and diabetic patients, and to study the process of vascular wall repair after coronary stent implantation.
  • Other objectives include the optimisation of the stem cell isolation process, the refinement of percutaneous cell administration techniques, the development of new cell therapy protocols, and the completion of an ongoing PhD thesis.
  • The aim is to consolidate this research group and extend its lines of research to other cardiovascular pathologies in particular, and to other fields of regenerative medicine in general.

Lines of research

  • Study of the behaviour of stem cells before heart disease and the clinical effects after percutaneous implantation.
  • New percutaneous implantable devices for the treatment of advanced chronic heart disease
  • Advances in percutaneous treatment of aortic valve disease
  • Advances in percutaneous treatment of mitral valve disease
  • Advances in percutaneous treatment of tricuspid valve disease
  • Percutaneous devices to reduce bleeding risk in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation

Other members of the group

  • María Del Trigo Espinosa
  • Luis Nombela Franco
  • María Aranzazu Ortega Pozzi
  • Gabriela Tirado Conte