IdISSC Research Seminar – December’22

7 December 2022

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Classroom: Aula Fernández Cruz of the teaching pavilion of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos.


Programme for Early Diagnosis and Emotional Care of the Family with ASD

Dr. Isabel Cuellar Flores. Clinical Psychology FEA. Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (IdISSC).


Early detection of ASD enables a better prognosis, improving quality of life and social costs for families. On the other hand, the news of ASD and the characteristics associated with the disorder can have an impact on parents, and it is important to know the associated factors and cushion it.

The aims of the project were: 1) To identify early on the emotional impact of the diagnosis on parents and the factors modulating this impact and 2) To test the effectiveness of an online psychoeducational group intervention for parents.

This is a cross-sectional, correlational and comparative design. A total of 14 parents of preschoolers who received an early diagnosis of ASD and 24 parents of neurotypical preschoolers participated in this study. BDI-II and STAI, Kansas Inventory of Parental Perceptions (KIPP) and General Self-Efficacy Scale, and an ad hoc satisfaction questionnaire were used.

The results show that parents of children with ASD express lower self-efficacy, and higher trait anxiety and depressive symptoms. Positive Perceptions and Perceived Control were protective factors against emotional impact. After the psychological intervention, families showed an improvement in self-efficacy, and although the means improved in relation to the parents’ baseline state in anxiety and depression, the scores did not reach statistical significance.

The findings presented evidence the need to implement programmes focused on the early emotional care of families with children with ASD. These preliminary findings support the use of online group intervention, thus supporting the improvement of emotional symptomatology and perceived self-efficacy and facilitating greater access and reconciliation for families of children with ASD.


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13:30 h

Results of the project “Evaluation and impact of a hospital liaison nursing unit on health and economic outcomes

Dr. Ismael Ortuño Soriano.

Lecturer Department of Nursing. Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. Complutense University of Madrid. Head of the Care Research Group. Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (IdISSC).


The rise of chronic diseases is a current challenge for health services, with conventional models of care clearly failing. This has forced a reorientation of health systems to gain efficiency. The providers of most of the models deployed for the care of chronic patients have nurses as the main agent, with case management (CM) being the most prominent. Currently, one of the main problems of CM is considered to be its conceptual laxity, which, combined with the multitude of experiences and modalities, makes it difficult to develop, compare and evaluate. The aim is to evaluate the care offered to highly complex chronic patients by a Hospital Liaison Nursing Unit (HLNU) that performs case management, in terms of effectiveness, morbidity and mortality, exacerbations and hospital readmissions, satisfaction and health-related quality of life, as well as to analyse the economic impact of the aforementioned unit.


Prospective cohort study with historical control. The sample corresponded to the entire possible universe of patients admitted to the UEEH of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in the five years following its start-up. File: PI16/00717 of Acción Estratégica en Salud. Results: 4107 patients were included in the analysis, with an average age of 77.2 years (SD:15.9) and 51.9% women. Six per cent were previously institutionalised, and only 28% had an identified usual caregiver. Descriptive information is provided on the patients according to the portfolio of services and process of the UEEH.


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