Current customers

The offer of the BHCSC is addressed to the services and units of the HCSC as well as to any other biomedical research centre, national or foreign, that may require it.

These services have approved fees in force. Click here to download the fees (PDF).

Current customers:

    • HCSC:
      • Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
      • Haematology.
      • Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases.
      • Urology and Clinical Analysis. Haemodynamics.
      • Digestive Tract.
      • Internal Medicine Department (Infectious diseases) Department.
      • Environmental Factors in Degenerative Diseases.
      • Mammary Pathology Unit.
      • Laboratory of Genetics of Complex Diseases
    • UCM:
      • Physiology Department. Faculty of Medicine.
      • Faculty of Pharmacy. Biochemistry Department.
      • Diabetic Foot Unit. Faculty of Medicine
    • Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón:
      • Nephrology
    • UPM:
      • Organs and Tissues on Chips and In-Vitro Detection Systems Group
    • CIEMAT:
      • Molecular Oncology Unit.
    • UCLM:
      • Plasticity and Neurodegeneration Group Faculty of Medicine.
    • Hospital General Universitario de Valencia
      • Ophthalmology Department.
    • CNIO:
      • Human Genotyping Unit.

Current customers

    • HCSC Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
    • Haematology.
    • Faculty of Pharmacy.
    • Biochemistry Department.
    • Urology and Clinical Analysis.
    • Digestive Tract.

Potential customers

As a donor, you will be informed by qualified staff that the surplus of your diagnostic samples can be donated to the HCSC Biobank. The most important information that will be communicated to you is reflected in the following points:

  • Your donation is voluntary and will not affect your diagnosis.
  • Donated samples will be stored in the Biobank and will only be used in projects that have been approved by an Ethics Committee and a Scientific Committee.
  • Your data will be protected.
  • For health reasons, you or your family may use the samples as long as they are available for diagnosis.
  • If relevant data is obtained during the research about your health or that of your family, you will be informed if you have stated so in the Informed Consent.
  • At any time, you may exercise your right to erasure, opposition, portability, limitation of processing, access and rectification of your data, as well as the right to request the destruction or anonymisation of samples and/or data that have not yet been used.
  • If you have no doubts and are in complete agreement, you will sign the informed consent form for the donation of biological samples to the Biobank of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos.
  • The Biobank will give you a copy of the informed consent, according to the Royal Decree on Biobanks (this is the way to maintain contact with the Biobank).

More Info: RNBB Brochure for Donors

Calendar with national/international days for different pathologies 2022.

The Biobank is attached to 2 external committees:

Scientific Committee

    • Dña. Arancha Manzano Fernández
    • Dña. Cuadrado Cenzual, Maria Angeles
    • D. Jose Antonio Lopez Asenjo
    • D. Jose Antonio Lopez Guerrero
    • D. Jose Carlos Plaza Hernandez
    • D. Jose Ramón Jarabo Sarceda
    • Dña. Lorena Peiró Chova
    • Dña. Pilar Jimenez Quevedo
    • D. Benjamín Fernandez Gutierrez

Ethics Committee

    • Presidenta Dra. Mar García Arenillas. Farmacología Clínica
    • Vicepresidente Dr. Alberto Marcos Dolado. Neurología
    • Secretaria Dra. Lourdes Cabrera García. Farmacología Clínica
    • Vocal D. Antonio Cerón Sánchez. Otras No Sanitarias
    • Vocal Dr. Manuel Enrique Fuentes Ferrer. M.Preventiva
    • Vocal Dr. José Ángel García Sáenz. Oncología Médica
    • Vocal Dª Sara Gil Useros. Enfermería
    • Vocal Dr. José María Ladero Quesada. Otro
    • Vocal Dr Francisco Javier Martín Sánchez Urgencias
    • Vocal Dr. Ángel Manuel Molino González. Medicina Interna
    • Vocal Dr. Luis Nombela Franco. Cardiología
    • Vocal D. Igor Pinedo García. Ldo. Derecho
    • Vocal Dr. José Carlos Pontes Navarro. Medicina Interna
    • Vocal Dª Jimena María Ramón García. Farmacia – Atención Primaria
    • Vocal Dª Marta Sáenz de Tejada López. Farmacia.
    • Vocal Dr. Carlos Verdejo Brav. Geriatría
  • In the following link you can find information about the 2020 Activity: Activity Report 2020.

The biobank on Youtube

In the case of requesting samples, the principal investigator must fill in the fields shown below:

    Sección 1 Solicitante:

    • Sección 2 Proyecto:

    • Sección 3 Muestras:




    The principal investigator (PI) who needs biological samples, contacts the Biobank Coordinator through the “Request samples” section. The coordinator will study the availability of these samples at the BHCSC. If the type of samples requested are not available at the BHCSC, the Biobank Coordinator studies the possibility of establishing a sample collection circuit for this study.

    If the BHCSC is able to supply and/or obtain the samples, the Biobank Coordinator provides the PI with the document “Request for sample transfer Annex I”. The PI completes the aforementioned document and sends it, together with the project and the favourable report on the conduct of the project from the corresponding Research Ethics Committee (REC), to the Biobank Coordinator.

    The Biobank Coordinator, once the document has been ratified by the Scientific Director of the BHCSC, forwards the application to the Ethics Committee for Research Involving Medicinal Products (CEIm) to which the BHCSC is attached, together with the research project and the favourable report of the REC for the project. If the IRB report is favourable, the Biobank Coordinator sends the documentation to the Scientific Committee for assessment. The Biobank Coordinator communicates the Scientific Committee’s decision to the PI.

    To formalise the transfer of the biological samples, the document is signed between the BHCSC and the PI before the actual delivery of the samples:

      • “BHCSC Assignment Agreement”, in case the PI acts under the sponsorship of the IdISSC.
      • “IdISSC Assignment Agreement” in case the PI acts under the sponsorship of another institution.



    The Biobank’s catalogue of samples can be accessed at the following address here.