Gymkhana of health science and laboratory workshop “from cell to DNA”.

Tests and games that bring the reality of science and research in hospitals closer to reality.

With two cellular and molecular biology experiments: What’s in my saliva? and Fishing for DNA.

Participants: Lydia Abasolo Alcázar, Beatriz García Tirado, Irene González Guede, Lucía Segarra Gómez, Speaker; María López Ramos

Attendees: 68 pupils in two shifts of 5th grade primary school from the Ciudad Pegaso Public School in Madrid.

Science Week: 17-18 November 2022

Is it feasible to use wet corn kernels to make popcorn in the microwave?

This activity of Science Week 2022 began with a talk between the researchers and our young visitors, in which the question of what is science, what is research, and Dr. Abásolo explained what the scientific method consists of through an experiment with dry corn seeds in good condition and wet corn seeds: are the seeds viable for making popcorn if they are wet? An example with which the children understood how researchers work and that if they wanted to eat popcorn they had to close the package and keep it well after it had been started.

*Cell and molecular biology experiment: What’s in my saliva?

After collecting a saliva sample with a swab from the inside of the cheek, spread the sample on the slide, add a drop of stain (Toluidine blue), wait 8 minutes, wipe off the stain with distilled water, cover and observe under the microscope.

*Cellular and molecular biology experiment: Fishing for DNA

Recipe for DNA extraction:

Ingredients: minced meat, soap, salt, pineapple juice and alcohol.

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