Research in Applied Neurosciences (alt: Neuromodulation and neuroreparation)

Strategic objectives

  • Application of biomaterials for neural regeneration and reconstruction in stroke and Parkinson’s disease models
  • To promote plasticity using cortical stimulation plus rehabilitation in low-grade gliomas, pain and psychiatric diseases
  • To identify new targets for deep brain stimulation
  • Start-up of the clean room
  • CELICTUS clinical trial

Lines of research

  • Identification and optimisation of targets for brain stimulation using functional neuroimaging techniques
  • Inducing brain plasticity through paired stimulation
  • Use of stem cells for brain reconstruction
  • Use of biomaterials for brain regeneration and reconstruction
  • Imaging and neurophysiology-based neurosurgical technology

Other members of the group

  • Maria Victoria Acedo Diaz-Pache
  • Pedro Alonso Lera
  • Idoya Barca Fernández
  • Martin Carrasco Gomez
  • Alberto Del Cerro Leon
  • Adela Fraile Pereda
  • Mº De Las Mercedes González Hidalgo
  • Irene Jiménez Coca
  • Oleza López Cantó
  • Fernando Jose Rascon Ramirez
  • Albert Trondin