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The functions carried out in the Pharmacy in this area include, among others, masking, reception, custody and correct storage of the drugs in the conditions required by the sponsor, as well as the preparation of the medication in laminar flow safety cabinets for those drugs that require it, guaranteeing the correct management and traceability of the research samples throughout the process. The pharmacists specialising in this area are the professionals in charge, in addition to those at the hospital, of resolving any doubts that may arise for patients and researchers in all matters related to medicinal products in clinical trials.

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    Medical Oncology Department

    Neurology Department

    Haemodynamic Unit

    Haematology Department

    Rheumatology Clinical Management Unit

    Geriatrics Clinical Management Unit

    Endocrinology Unit

    Ophthalmology Department

    Cardiology Department

    Internal Medicine Department (Infectious diseases)

    Pneumology Department

    Pharmacology Department

    Psychiatry Department

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The Biobank is attached to 2 external committees:

  • Scientific Committee

    • Ms. Arancha Manzano Fernández
    • Ms. Cuadrado Cenzual, Maria Angeles
    • Mr. Jose Antonio Lopez Asenjo
    • Mr. Jose Antonio Lopez Guerrero
    • Mr. Jose Carlos Plaza Hernandez
    • Mr. Jose Ramón Jarabo Sarceda
    • Mrs. Lorena Peiró Chova
    • Ms. Pilar Jimenez Quevedo
    • D. Benjamín Fernandez Gutierrez

    Ético Committee

    • President Dr. Mar García Arenillas. Clinical Pharmacology
    • Vice-Chairman Dr. Alberto Marcos Dolado. Neurology
    • Secretary Dr. Lourdes Cabrera García. Clinical Pharmacology
    • Member D. Antonio Cerón Sánchez. Other Non-Sanitary
    • Member Dr. Manuel Enrique Fuentes Ferrer. Preventive Medicine
    • Member Dr. José Ángel García Sáenz. Medical Oncology
    • Member Ms Sara Gil Useros. Nursing
    • Member Dr. José María Ladero Quesada. Other
    • Member Dr Francisco Javier Martín Sánchez.
    • Member Dr Ángel Manuel Molino González. Internal Medicine
    • Member Dr Luis Nombela Franco. Cardiology
    • Member Igor Pinedo García. Law
    • Member Dr. José Carlos Pontes Navarro. Internal Medicine
    • Member Ms. Jimena María Ramón García. Pharmacy – Primary Care
    • Member Ms. Marta Sáenz de Tejada López. Pharmacy.
    • Member Dr. Carlos Verdejo Brav. Geriatrics

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