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The Innovation Unit of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos carries out its activities within the organisational context of the Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (hereinafter IdISSC), and has its origins in the 2010 ITEMAS Network call: Platform for Innovation in Medical and Health Technologies (ITEMAS) (PT13/0006) promoted by the Carlos III Health Institute and the Subdirectorate General for Evaluation and Promotion of Research within the State R&D&I Plan 2013-2016 and co-financed with ERDF funds.

Its mission is to promote, support and disseminate healthcare innovation, develop strategic projects, and accompany the process of transforming ideas into products, services, processes and organisational methods that add value to patients, professionals and our environment. Therefore, its main objective is to capture and value the innovative ideas of the IdISSC, with the aim of turning the Hospital Clínico San Carlos into an engine of innovation that transforms knowledge into value for the centre itself and for society.

It supports researchers and innovators, both from within and outside the institution, accompanying the entrepreneur on the journey from the conception of the idea to the generation of products or services capable of generating improvements in the results for patients in the National Health System.

Áreas de trabajo:

1. Smart Health Data (Advanced Data Analytics, BIG Data, AI and Development of CDSS Decision Support Models)

  • Development of Decision Support Systems from clinical practice guidelines.
  • Design of clinical data collection applications.
  • Exploitation of the usefulness of medical data through visualisation techniques and Business                    Intelligence: creation of interactive dashboards.
  • Design and counselling on research/statistical methodologies.
  • Advanced statistical data analysis.
  • Data mining in health repositories aimed at the creation of predictive systems.
  • Training in the advanced data analysis environment

2. Simulation (under development)

  • Implementation of training in surgical techniques (under development).
  • Effectiveness analysis (performance).

3. New Organisational Models.

  • Development of home hospitalisation models (under development).
  • Development of remote assistance models (under development).
  • Development of models for the rearrangement of services (under development).

4. Technological Innovation Area.

This area will focus on the development and evaluation of health applications and new medical devices, such as 3D Printing, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality and other new equipment and mechanisms to improve health outcomes, as well as facilitating the relationship with entities that favour them. It also includes training and the development of integrated telemedicine, the monitoring of home hospitalisation, a telematic healthcare control platform and a “face-to-face” room for clinical cases where necessary and, in short, an interconnected scientific support space for remote actions to benefit the effectiveness for patients.

And a fifth transversal area conceived as an INNOVATION HUB: dedicated to communication, dissemination, internationalisation, alliances with third parties and the creation of an ecosystem of innovators.

Current customers

    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
    • Centre for Networked Biomedical Research, Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN).
    • UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
    • HCSC (Hospital Clínico San Carlos):
      • T.I. Department.
      • Occupational Health Department.
      • Personnel Department.
      • Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition.
      • Liaison Nursing.
      • Hospital Pharmacy.
      • Paediatric Pneumology.
      • Cardiology Department.
      • Home Hospitalisation Unit.

Potential customers

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