Committee on Animal Ethics and Welfare (CAEW)

Committee on Animal Ethics and Welfare (CAEW)


The Committee on Animal Ethics and Welfare (CAEW)shall perform the following functions:

  • To assess the methodological, ethical, and legal aspects of research projects that require the use of animals, issuing for this purpose the report referred to in article 33.1 of RD 53/2013, and to monitor the projects taking into account their effect on the animals used, as well as to determine and assess the elements that best contribute to replacement, reduction, and refinement.
  • To evaluate relevant modifications to previously authorised projects.
  • To monitor projects from start to finish, including retrospective evaluations of projects where required.

Additional services of the Committee are as follows:

  • To advise staff dealing with animals on animal welfare issues related to the acquisition, housing, care, and use of animals.
  • To advise staff on the implementation of the replacement, reduction, and refinement requirement, and keep them informed of technical and scientific developments in the implementation of such requirement.
  • To establish and review internal operational processes with regard to the monitoring, reporting, and tracking of animal welfare related information.
  • To advise on rehoming or adoption schemes, including the appropriate socialisation of animals to be rehomed or adopted.


The CAEW is made up of a president, vice-president, technical secretary, and currently 7 members, as well as a group of consultants and experts from outside the centre. Chairman responsible for animal Welfare and Care at the centre

  • D. Pablo A. González López


    Responsible for the Welfare and Care of the animals at the Centre

  • Dª. Mª Cruz Rodríguez- Bobada González Del Campo


    Veterinarian of the Experimental Research, Medicine and Surgery Unit

  • Dra. Mar García Arenillas


    Sº Clinical Pharmacology
    Health Care Ethics Committee